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What makes the difference...just the details...


What makes the difference…just the details…

About Us

ClosedLoop is a company dedicated to the development and industrial machines production.

We have extensive experience in the field of industrial automation, manipulation robotics and electronics.

We make each project a challenge and the main objective of ClosedLoop is to add technological value to our customers.

Energy efficiency, process optimization and equipment supervision are some of our goals, so that industry 4.0 belongs to our DNA.

Activity Areas

ClosedLoop operates mainly in three different areas providing a complete solution to our customers:


Our team has more than 10 years of experience in the automation area, which allows a good perception of the specific need of each client and subsequent resolution of their challenges.

We work with the main reference brands in the market, such as:

– Siemens;
– Rockwell Automation;
– Omrom;
– Schneider Electric;
– Beijer Electronics.

Solutions developed by ClosedLoop:

– Control of continuous painting equipment;
– Control of galvanizing equipment;
– Mold temperature control;
– Robotic cells;
– Precise control of position, speed and strength;
– Among others…


ClosedLoop has extensive experience in the development of special machines. Always in contact with our customers, we analyze their challenges and propose solutions.

We believe that what sets us apart and distinguishes us is the detail with which we present the final solution.

Nowadays there is an increasing need for the implementation of manipulation robotics in the solutions allowing an easy adaptation to changes.

We also have solutions in the field of artificial vision, allowing you to close the control loop in certain applications that require it.


We develop customized solutions for specific use:

– Production of prototypes;
– Firmware development;
– Certification of solution according to the rules in force;
– And finally, mass production.

We develop solutions in the industrial area with communication protocols ModBus TCP / IP, ModBus RTU over 485, Can Bus and others.

Equipment developed by ClosedLoop:

– Temperature acquisition module;
– RTD and thermocouples;
– Fingerprint reading equipment and RFID tags;
– GSM control and supervision modules;
– Resistive load bank for connection to batteries;
– Among others…







Developing solutions and optimizing processes in the wind sector.

We integrate our “ClosedLoop” topology in order to make the final solution more efficient and robust.

– Mould Heating Control Systems;
– Resin mixers;
– Resin degassers;
– Mould calibration;
– Root Heaters; 
– Ovens up to 250ºC; 
– Energy efficiency and supervision systems.

Quality Policy Download

Quality Policy

The main mission of ClosedLoop, Lda is to meet the needs of our customer and fulfil their expectations.

Our Know-How and our experience allow us to find the most adjusted solution for the customer within our 3 main areas of expertise: automation, electronics and mechanics. Through the fusion of these 3 distinct areas, we aim to add technological value to our customers, thus creating sustainable and lasting partnerships.


We intend to structure and consolidate the organization’s growth in order to ensure sustained success within our 3 main areas of expertise: automation, electronics and mechanics.

To be at the forefront of renewable energy technology, adding technological value in the partnerships developed with our customers, and developing appropriate solutions to improve their ecological footprint.


Customer satisfaction is fundamental to us and therefore the efficiency and effectiveness of our processes and services are intrinsic to our daily routine.

Integrity and honesty are fundamental values for us, both in our contact with the client and in our daily contact with our employees.